Family Toilet Seat: A Dual Seat for Potty Training

Toilet Seat

If you have small kids at home, you will find that a family toilet seat is what you have been looking for.  This toilet seat makes it possible for both the adult and children to not only share but also to have a convenient time when using the same bathroom.

A family toilet seat turns your ordinary toilet into a facility that can be used by both the adult and children. This is definitely useful for families with small children who are getting potty trained. Family toilet seat is actually a dual toilet seat that’s specially designed to replace the ordinary toilet seat that you normally find at home. Of course there is still another solution, which is using a separate toilet seat attachment, but have you thought about the inconvenience and the risk involved from using such toilet seat attachment?

Toilet seat attachments are not created to fit well with all type of toilet seats, so it might be unstable and you might be risking your child falling down. Besides, it is quite inconvenient too, as you will have to take it off and put it on when you and your children take turn to use the same toilet. Unless, you have more than one toilet that could be easily accessed, can you imagine how inconvenient that this could be when you have guest around?

What is a Family Toilet Seat?

Family toilet seat is made in such a way that two solidly built custom seats, one for adults and one for children are incorporated into one single unit. Family toilet seat can be installed onto any toilet bowl without restriction. This is not a temporary toilet seat but a seat that is built to last for as long you don’t break it with purpose.

The smaller piece of seating area allow your potty training child to sit up-front and hands fee in the most relaxed position. No worry that your children will fall as the seat is very stable; it sits perfectly on the adult seat which in turn sits tightly on the toilet bowl. The stability and comfort of this extra smaller seat ensures the quickest potty training possible with minimum fear and frustration. That’s why most parents nowadays prefer family toilet seat over other potty training seats and chairs.

The larger seating area which is similar to a standard toiler seat is without a doubt meant for the adults use. When lifting up both the lid and the kid’s seat, a family toilet seat looks like just any ordinary toilet seat. And your visitors might not even notice that it is actually a dual toilet seat. If you are concern whether it can provide you with the same level of comfort like those ordinary seats, you can be rest-assured that it will. Like said, the family toilet seat makes no difference for the adults, so unless you are looking for more comforts like the soft close toilet seat, then this is definitely what you should have at home when potty training your kids. For your information, more expensive family toilet seat does have the soft close function built in.

The Benefits of Family Toilet Seat

Family toilet seat is undoubtedly a cost and space saver considering that you no longer need to install a kid’s size toilet in your bathroom. Can you imagine the money that you’ll have to spend hiring a plumber to perform the installation job? With a best family toilet seat, you are having both the adult seat and the kid’s seat combined into one, plus it doesn’t cost you very much for one.

Using a family toilet seat can makes your children to sit comfortably when going to the toilet. If your children are able to move bowels properly, you can rest assured that your children will be healthier. On top of that, using a family toilet seat also provides your children the chance to become independent when visiting the bathroom.

Outdoor Landscaping & Fire Pit

Outdoor Landscaping Ideas For Your Home

Plenty of simple landscaping ideas for the backyard and garden can be achieved in only one weekend. You may have recently relocated to a new residence or have lived at the same location for several years and choose the yard needs a little piazza.

Take your time and organize your yard. Use the internet for ideas and visit your local home improvement center. Perhaps you have been to a friend’s home and liked the things they tried. Something as easy as painting a fence and adding several flowers can perform wonders and just take a day or two..


Measure the space you want to redesign. Put the dimensions on paper. Include the part of your house facing the front yard with doors and windows noted. Layout where you would like to have a garden or play area or possibly a water feature.

Make sure that you are aware of the amount of work your landscaping entails. For those who do not enjoy mowing a lawn or if there is a lack of natural rain having a lawn can be a tedious and sometimes difficult task to maintain. Items such as rock gardens or flowerbeds are just as visually enticing as having a lush, dark green space in your back yard. There are some families that enjoy having decorative artifacts such as a birdbath, fountain or even statues while others prefer to stick with an arrangement of complementary flowers or stone designs.

Your local climate will have a tremendous impact on the type of outdoor landscaping ideas that you will use. Flowering plants that require a great deal of humidity will not thrive in a dry climate. While there are some plants that will need direct sunlight, there are others that prefer a shaded area in order to grow. If you are not proficient in the different types of flowers and plants that are best for your area, be sure to utilize local resources in order to check out the best selections for your planning purposes.

Easy care, low maintenance plants and construction materials is what you should look for if you do not want to be chained to your backyard. Most of us want a place to barbecue and entertain but don’t like the raking, weeding, trimming etc.

The key to landscaping is to not be afraid to try something new. Not all yards need to have a grassy area. Grass is so high maintenance. Try using different types of rock and paver for pathways and sitting areas. The visual interest will be heightened with plants of different sizes, shapes and colors.

Landscaping ideas for the yard and garden you can do yourself are very rewarding. Anybody can write a check to a landscape architect but only a few could get out there and do it themselves. It will be your own creation designed by your imagination.

The Simple Way To Put In Outdoor Landscape Lighting

If you’ve been thinking about setting up your own exterior landscape lights but think it is too difficult, I would like to inform you that it isn’t. Exterior landscape lights can be simple to install if you have a plan in mind. A first rate plan is a necessary element of any exterior landscape lights installation. Exterior landscape lighting comes in a few different types and before you begin planning, you should decide the option you want to use. What’s more, you will want to keep yourself open to new landscape designs which might just allow you to come up with something that simply astounds you.


The Two Forms Of Exterior Yard Lights

The first form of exterior landscape lights is cabled, electrical exterior landscape lights. In order to implement this, you will have to have an available electrical outlet on the exterior of your house. Each one of the lights is connected all along a series of shielded electric cable. Planning for this setup you must consider both the light fixtures and the cord they are joined to. Before placing any of the lights, it is recommended that you begin by outlining your front or back yard, depending on where the lights are being positioned. Draw out and calculate an equal distance between all of the lights then plot them out within your yard. You ought to make certain that you have a sufficient amount of wiring and room for the wiring behind the lights.

The benefits of going with the electrical exterior landscape lighting system are that you are able to turn it on and off when you like, it constantly has power, and you can purchase more powerful lights for the installation. The wired systems are usually less expensive as well.

The alternative kind of exterior landscape lighting installation utilizes solar lights. A solar garden lighting installation employs sunlight and charges up during the day then switches on when it gets dark. These systems are very simple to install and don’t need as much designing that the wired installation does. In addition, it is quite simple to rearrange the lights in case you don’t care for where they are. There is no maintenance for this kind of system and it is very simple to maintain. If a fixture breaks it can easily be replaced.

The benefits of going with the solar lighting arrangement are how straightforward it is to put in and how straightforward it is to adjust. This kind of system can also be fixed very quickly if there are some problems with the lights in the system. The main shortcoming is that they generally are more costly and are not quite as bright as the electrical system. In addition, this kind of exterior landscape lights has to have around 8 hours per day of sunshine to be fully charged up, so if you reside in an area with modest sunlight it can be difficult to keep the system up and the lights glowing vividly.

As you can tell there are advantages and disadvantages to each system, so make sure you consider your location before you come up with your final decision.

Chateau Fire Pit Table & Furniture Set

This will blend the outdoors with the indoors. Four comfortable, deep seating swivel rocker lounge chairs surround the round fire pit chat table and will become your favorite outdoor area. Constructed of rust-proof cast aluminum this furniture is built to last. The fire pit chat table is very versatile and can also be used as a beverage cooler. The table comes complete with two iron grates, stainless steel beverage bowl with umbrella collar, a mesh dome with lifting fork and a lift collar. The chair comes with sunbrella cushions for your comfort! Items includes: 4 chairs 52″ round table Two iron grates Beverage bowlMesh dome with lifting fork Lift collar

Chateau Fire Pit

Grilltech 800 Space Fire Pit

The finest in British design and quality can be found in our Grilltech Space Fire Pit 800. Constructed of pressed steel and stainless steel, this sturdy and attractive fire pit is built to last a lifetime. This unique fire pit features a patented leaf shape adjustable height swing out grill. The adjustable ventilation system enables the user to craft the perfect size fire for any occasion. A removable ash trap makes clean up a snap.

Outdoor Greatroom Serenity Tabletop Fire Pit

Outdoor Greatroom Serenity Tabletop Fire Pit Decorate your table decor with warmth and intrigue. Ideal for indoor or outdoor use, this fire pit is great to have for gatherings as a unique fire pit. Light up the room with the Venturi Flame that rises up, and creates a stunning spinning aesthetic. Simply light the clean-burning gel fuel, then put the tempered glass top on. The gel fuel burns effectively for three hours, or 1 1/2 hours with the Venturi effect. The fire pit features a steel aluminum square base with designs, and an antique finish. The gel fuel cans are sold separately.